Startups are not only disrupting the top line of existing businesses, they are also tweaking the rules of talent recruitment. A large pool of talented youngsters are now preferring the more relaxed working atmosphere typical of startups to the formal, intimidating workplaces as typical of the corporates. In order to stay relevant and not lose the war for talent, corporates must imbibe a few steps. First of all startups have a more relaxed dress code as IT giant Infosys has now implemented. Startups are constantly encouraging innovation in order to differentiate from the market. Wipro has set up an innovation hub titled “commando force”. CEOs at such smaller places are more reachable so easier for all to connect. Tech Mahindra has started contests to ensure CEO engagement with other staff members. Startups are attractive to millennials as they have embraced the idea of social media to leverage for the purpose of digital marketing. In order to keep employees motivated, games and recreation are being used as initiatives at workplaces.


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