The super-consumer strategy is one where marketing plans are drafted keeping in mind a select group of loyal users of the product. Such super-consumers may be found anywhere and not located via conventional marketing channels. Some such consumers could be found within the company walls themselves. This strategy can help unlock the latent energy in organizations. A perfect example would be that of United Airlines, which clearly believes that most of its customers as well as a lot of its employees, especially pilots are themselves super consumers. So the movement of customers to competitors is limited and internal employees get to appreciate cross-functionality better. On a similar vein, at beer making giant Anheuser Busch, employees as so well engaged that as an unwritten rule, they even refuse to drink competitors’ beers, even for personal or family gatherings. Such super consumer strategy allows builds greater level of empathy for the consumer. A perfect example could be the employees of Netflix themselves being binge serial watchers, were able to design products keeping such an audience in mind. Also this strategy enables the development of business innovations through creativity being inspired. Beverage brewing system creator Keurig feels that two kinds of employees get overlooked- millennials and middle managers. For the younger people to feel engaged, it is necessary to make them feel valued.



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