Much has been made out about Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) impact on work and human life. Science fiction has portrayed it as akin to magic while fear mongers claim it will take away human jobs. AI is already impacting several kinds of work such as e-commerce, logistics, media and advertising. Yet, as the founding lead of Google Brain and present head of Baidu’s AI wing testifies, the kind of functions it is performing in these areas is largely confined to only one type- supervised learning. This basically implies A kind of data being fed for B kind of output to be processed. There is one major limitation though. It is, that enormous quantity of data warehousing needs to be done, often to the tune of hundreds of thousands of units to process meaningful insights. Whether it is in photo tagging, loan approvals, speech recognition or language translation, this limitation lasts. Yet once all this is done, there is enormous amount of automation that AI can facilitate.



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