While en number of organizations are grappling with methods to increase employee engagement, the recent study by Gallup has clearly confirmed that only about a third of US employees are. While there may be several reasons contributing to this, one factor previously ignored is the mismatch between office and personal use technology. The technology used for personal causes is far superior to office use gadgets. This in across work streams. Corporate training for example still relies on content generated one time by the senior leadership or HR unlike the user generated entertainment options provided by Netflix or Amazon for example. Informal networks get built, but organizations are still structured into silos. There is a need for increased transparency through holistic feedback loops. Employees also get ponderous corporate communication instead of precise content. Once such improvements are established, some challenges will still plague their development such as privacy norms once even greater quantities of data get generated than at present. There could be a lot of misinterpretation of such data leading to wrongful insights driven. Data could get misused leading to doubts regarding the integrity of the stakeholders involved.



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