There are several theories on what exactly quality leadership is all about. Executive coaches are still grappling with best methods to train leadership skills with. However, there exist a few questions which all leaders must have ready answers to. First of all, the leader must be sure of what motivated certain team members to join the organization. Also, in what ways do the individual perfumers benefit from working on the particular project. Another unconventional question is in any hypothetical case if the employee was to receive a lifetime achievement award, for what category would that be? Apart from this he/she must have answers to what they think of the leader, what they do for fun, where would the team members be in a few years’ time and what kind of life they have outside work regarding family or holidays or faith. A key component of the leader’s talent management capabilities is to understand which are the values that their team members most care about as possible rewards between recognition, bonus payments, promotion or increased holidays. Finally, the leader must understand how their colleagues take care of their needs.



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