In earlier times, any buying decision would be influenced by the knowledge acquisition stage which was often long and cumbersome. Now with so much of data available at the click of a few buttons, sellers need to map out the entire journey of the buyer to target the major touch points. First of all the specific problem or need needs to be pinpointed. Majority of such problem identifications begin with a Google search, so it is very important to be relevant on search pages. Specific level of digital marketing preparedness needs to be done accordingly using a combination of blogs, white papers, e-books or analyst reports. Once this is done, all options to reach the customer must be assessed. At this stage, top content must be broadcast involving webinars or comparison charts. Finally at the stage the customer is ready to buy, Calls-to-Action must be inserted which will provide genuine value such as “request a quote”, “talk with an expert” or “request a consultation”.



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