In spite of major changes in the global workforce, talent recruitment and management systems continue to be antiquated. As per a report provided by the Manpower Group, two-fifths of their clients have a mix of fulltime employees as well as freelancers. The traditional HR teams are only concerned with internal employees, while talent procurement teams are concerned with those beyond the organization. Very little policy making is done for the gig employees further exposing the company to risks of data leakages. Thus five lessons have been deduced which will help drive the new approach aligned with modern talent needs. First of all, the workforce must be properly understood. The team leaders must be trained on the importance of having diversified teams. The division explained above regarding HR and procurement needs to be broken down. The workforce strategy must be a single integrated one for the entire organization. The enormous amount of business intelligence now available through analysis of data, must be used for more purposes than just talent acquisition but also retention.



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