The most recognizable CEOs in the world may be the likes of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg or Apple’s Tim Cook, yet the Harvard Business Review (HBR) list of the best CEOs is somewhat different to the usual ones. The top ranked CEO here is Lars Sorensen of Novo Nordisk, which is a Danish drug maker. Martin Sorrell from the British Advertising firm WPP and Spanish retailer Inditex’s Pablo Isla complete the top three. That is because of several factors such as the fact that the HBR looks at the overall career graph rather than business results of the recent quarters. Also four-fifths of total weightage is given to tangible financial indicators while the rest is for factors such as corporate social responsibility, environmental protection and community enfranchisement. A lot of good that these CEOs are doing will reflect much later, perhaps even a decade or two later due to the innovations implemented now. If further business analysis may be conducted on the data generated, some common trends for the best of CEOs tend to emerge. Whenever companies do well, they tend to make internal promotions, as has been the case with eighty four percent of such CEOs. Engineering and MBA are the most common educational backgrounds. Seventeen is the mean number of years present in the job with fifty four being the average age.


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