Some of the top brands that have developed over the last few decades have done so due to the foresight of the people concerned, and not because they simply wanted to build wealth. Starbucks and Victoria’s Secret are two such examples, where the owners and subsequent managers have improvised at every level to provide awesome experiences to customers. The iconic designer Bruno Cucinelli never planned to be such a big brand as he is today. At the start, none of these entrepreneurs had any clear strategy as to steps they must take to become big. Instead, they adapted to situations and generated opportunities for themselves along with their investors, associates and customers. At the beginning, they were up to everything, finance, brand management, talent recruitment and feedback generation. For startups today to dream of becoming top brands over the next few years or decades, they need to factor in the requirements that people have so that appropriate experiences can be provided to them. The basic human tenet of curiosity must always accompany any inquisitive entrepreneur who wants to scale up.



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