The future workplace is set to be one with a digital human resources interface. Ten such HR trends have been captured which will define the employee experience of the year 2017. First of all companies will focus on creating the ultimate employee experience. A study conducted by Mercer confirms that ninety percent of its survey respondents believe that talent recruitment will be fought on a war footing especially in India. For such recruitment, an agile methodology will need to be adopted. Such agility will also need to accompany its management training processes which now need to use more of video and recorded sessions in addition to traditional classroom based training. This will also create career mobility opportunities. In fact, there will be increased investment in employee wellness beyond just the technical skills. Such trainings will seek to foster collaboration in teams, and not just create capabilities among individuals. Real estate planners will act as partners to HR to physically create spaces ideal for innovative stimulation. Consumer marketing tactics will be applied to the HR field as well. HR like so many other fields will increasingly use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to derive solutions. In this case, chat bots will especially be popular. The workforce will continue the trend of having diverse personnel from distinct backgrounds. Newer roles will spring up within the broad field of HR. This includes consumer marketing type roles such as applied at Levy, IBM and Airbnb.



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