The Workforce Institute has identified five trends that will impact HR in 2017. There will be massive impetus given to the overall employee experience in order to drive engagement. This will include greater focus on management training, cultivation of brand champions and a more transparent method of rewarding performers. HR policies need to be more agile due to the macroeconomic conditions with legislative and economic uncertainties caused by political upheavals in Europe and North America. The science of business analytics will be applied to HR as well to solve people related problems as there will be greater insights on what actually increase productivity or stall the same. Increased amount of technology will be used to take organizations higher up the Human Capital Management (HCM) curve. 2017 will be the year that the middle management reigns supreme. They will have greater power and controls in their hands. The impetus on developing talent and on-boarding them to new technologies or tools will be on their shoulders.



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