At several tech forums or exhibitions, Amazon’s Alexa offering has emerged as the star. This internet-connected voice assistant initially was limited for use on Amazon’s Echo device only, but has now been integrated with LG, Lenovo and Whirlpool devices as well. The Internet-of-Things (IoT) was already popular at several such shows, yet the individual smart devices could earlier only be connected to the internet and not to each other. This has changed with the launch of Alexa and Google’s Home. However, at this point, Alexa can only be used as assistant to do repetitive tasks using existing records. Advertisements are not allowed on them, but that could change someday. Till it changes, innovative methods of conducting digital marketing need to be thought out. Opt-in settings could be set up where coupons are provided for using brands costing less than favourite existing ones the user prefers. Or as an alternative, if the preferred brand is not available, perhaps then a rival brand can juxtapose in.



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