Marketing has undergone tremendous change to be lumped together with the word tech as MarTech. Going by trends, five predictions have been made on MarTech for this year. First of all, Augmented Reality (AR) which already hit highs in 2016, will scale even higher ones this year. It will beat off competition from the related Virtual Reality (VR) as the latter has more barriers to quality delivery. The ideal of algorithm driven business intelligence will take a hit this year. Instead constant experimentation using machine-learning will be the new norm in 2017. Algorithms themselves will keep getting improvised. Cloud based solutions from players such as Oracle and Salesforce have the power to deliver continuous value and so consumers are embracing more than lengthy systems based integrators. Dynamics 365 for example recently adopted a single interface from Microsoft which combined its CRM and ERP functions. Due to uncertain macro-economic conditions, more mergers and acquisitions may be expected this year. Microsoft and Salesforce have already started consolidating while we are also witnessing vendors coming together to provide single suite solutions. With the burning down of narrow corporate silos, the Chief Digital Officer (CDO)’s position may soon become redundant due to the very digitization done by them. As the whole organization gets geared up to the new reality, specialist requirement into digital operations may cease.



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