Like the previous years, social media continued to rise in 2016. There are some interesting trends which emerged in 2016 which need to be followed up this year. First of all, the younger audiences, such as the millennials are turning away from Facebook in comparison to their older compatriots primarily because Facebook has tended to depress many. Non-millennials use Facebook much more as opposed to every other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat which millennials use much more. Younger people are keener on disappearing media and that is where Snapchat is winning the battle as opposed to the static feed of Facebook. Marketing research conducted by Fluent clearly affirms that a third of younger millennials surveyed are using Snapchat daily. The stupendous success of Pokémon Go last year overshadowed the larger trend towards Augmented Reality (AR). Live Video, AR Lenses and Filters are in vogue and digital marketing agencies are using such tools to the hilt. This includes platforms such as Facebook Live, Snapchat’s Selfie Lens and YouTube videos. Technologies that make our lives easier are being searched out by consumers. That is why search engine Duck Duck Go in some markets is competing successfully against Google. Users feel the former has greater privacy protection as it does not track browsing data.



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