With the gig economy becoming ever more popular, and hordes of professionals turning freelancers, it is pertinent that their skills also get studied for purposes of replication. Some skills have been collated which will help every freelancer to conduct marketing for themselves. First of all, freelancers must have excellent writing skills as this will help them land assignments. It may also help them land content marketing assignments as those have been among the most desired freelancing skills last few years. For freelancers to do digital marketing for themselves, it is pertinent that they have a website designed for optimization and conversion of leads. Another such technique is the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Such marketing will not be effective until they can sell themselves, so they must imbibe basic skills on pitch, package and negotiation. They must know how to network effectively. For this they must attend events and workshops plus use social media. Freelancers must have basic understanding of business analytics so that they can assess their options effectively. In addition, they must be able to use mobile optimization techniques including widgets, design or content. Though their skills may be individualistic, they must externally be social enough to be able team players. They must be able to conduct PR exercises for themselves as freelancing is like a business and positive publicity is needed. Like any service provided, few are likely to return if not satisfied. So freelancers must make sure that clients are satisfied.



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