Due to their exalted statuses business and political leaders are viewed through a different prism to others. They are expected to behave in a more innovative and ethical manner. 2016 saw its fair share of leadership stories that trended. The founder of Exist- Belle Beth Cooper- was one such as she managed to turn back her usual nocturnal habits by learning a new language- French- and reading more books than earlier. A study conducted confirmed that a six hour sleep pattern was as good as none at all as it wasn’t enough. Another pointed out that the human brain is capable of neural pruning in order to eliminate information so that space can be made for newer information to seep through. The author Paul Rulkens gave out a list of the twelve best habits that marked out productive people. Another writer Kelly Clay affirmed through her research that millennial women are burning out early in to their careers. Entrepreneur Penelope Trunk shocked the world by announcing that in her estimation, professionals must quit their jobs and go to a new place every third year. Another employer has shared his experiences on how the five hour workweek that he pioneered worked out. Patty McCord who is in charge of talent management at Netflix, shared the beliefs which make her company have the best organizational culture around. It has been scientifically proven that having valuable friendships is productive for health purposes. Thus friendships must be cultivated even when busy. Finally, a business leader has suggested ways in which following just four steps right in the morning can help plan the entire day ahead.



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