It is well known that in today’s working environment Emotional Intelligence (EI) is equally if not more important than the better known IQ (Intelligence Quotient). Several people however aren’t very good at it, so some methods have been acknowledged which may help achieve the same. Even while executing talent management, emotional awareness will help manage teams. A lot of people high on IQ but low on EI are known to be narcissistic to the point of being self-centred. If a part of that self-focus could be diverted to others’ and group goals, first steps will be taken towards achieving EI. This includes brief yet frequent discussions with colleagues to understand other’s strengths and weaknesses. The person can try to be a more rewarding personality with a positive outlook and be less pessimistic, argumentative and confrontational. Temper ought to be controlled as excessive emotional transparency is not required. While the person must try to be humble, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. So he/she must at least try to appear humble, even if it is fake. A lot of these emotionally challenged personalities have a tendency towards self-deception. In such cases, the disparity between one’s imagined self and the real one needs to be bridged in order to have realistic self-awareness. Personality tests or holistic feedback surveys can be ideal tools to deduce the same.


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