Unfortunately, due to the market’s unquenchable thirst for growth, extremely high targets are often set by the top management. Due to such monetary maximization targets, individuals and teams often resort to unethical practices. As a team leader, one can request to get them reduced but it rarely works out this way. Instead some other more subtle means exist to ward off such counter-productive targets. First of all, request can be made on additional talent recruitment to meet the massive needs. Also detailed analysis must be made on why such unreasonable targets have been set. One needs to dig into historical data to see if such achievements have been recorded in the past. This will help the team leader in understanding whether any unethical practices were committed to execute such targets or whether genuine ways are possible to achieve them. It is pertinent to understand that employees will only take to such unethical practices when the normal routes are closed, so all means must be made to keep alive the organic path.


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