The leading influencers and topics covered in 2016 for Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) have been identified. The top influencers included Tamara McCleary, Kim Whitler, Brian Solis, Larry Kim, Michael Brenner, Neil Patel, Bryan Kramer Jeff Bullas, Mark Fidelman, Marsha Collier and Ted Rubin among others. The topics that trended most for them included social media, Big Data, Olympics, Brexit, Pokémon Go, AI and VR. Besides, this CMO study also found put the major topics they are expected to discuss in 2017. They will discuss ways to utilize technology which will build more human brands. Such technologies will also be leverage technology in order to execute digital transformation.  Artificial Intelligence in particular will attain great importance. Digital marketing strategies will increasingly involve live streaming, greater sharing and VR enabled live videos. CMOs will prioritize consumer experience and the aesthetics behind that through superior design.


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