Human beings like all other animals on earth have always thrived on trust. In fact a recent survey of CEOs by management consulting giant PWC reaffirmed how trust is important to businesses with more than half of them claiming that erosion of trust being a severe threat to any line of work. Trust can be attributed to money but equally important in non-monetary relationships such as in family. In spite of the ruthless competition that gets touted, human beings ultimately seek the comfort of team bonds. Public universities also thrive due to the trust that people accord such institutions. The study mentioned also found out some interesting pointers clearly proving the tangible benefits of organizations built on trust. At such places the energy levels of employees get more than doubled leading to high motivation levels. Such firms experience 13% lower absenteeism, a third less stress for the employees and three-fourths of them reported to be engaged. In fact there was a twenty nine percent rise in overall satisfaction levels with life and work. Studies conducted by Citibank and LinkedIn also confirm this trend of employees seeking trustable organizations to work in. During the hiring process, due regard must be maintained for emotional security.


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