As organizations, have evolved the people concerned also need to accordingly. Corporate training is one line where newer technologies such as gamification and robotics can be used to bring multifold benefits. It is not that the quality of training is not good at established organizations. Instead it is that the focus on traditional classroom based sessions is not leading to the desired benefits sought. Thus organizations need to move on from their training cultures to learning ones. In the former, it is trainers under the leadership of the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) who drives the process, whereas in the former it is driven by employees themselves. In training cultures, it is assumed that learning takes place through special workshops, seminars and courses whereas in learning cultures, it takes place all the time using personal devices even. In the former, all content is centralized, while it is more democratically spread out in the latter. Departments vie for information in the former, but they collaborate in the latter. Thus CEOs need to grasp this major evolution in thinking and act accordingly.


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