Perfecting the customer experience is one of the major targets for marketers across the globe, yet very little emphasis is paid on the employee experience. Business research conducted by Gallup has confirmed that globally, eighty seven percent of employees are disengaged at work. However, organizations where the majority of employees are engaged, tend to outperform others by a staggering one hundred and forty seven percent. Most organizations are aware of this but aren’t making holistic efforts to bridge the gap. They do conduct management training programmes, yet such sessions are grouped on the basis of traditional departments. A more scientific segmentation in to groups such as skeptics, champions, observers and participants would be more appropriate. Or HR personnel can borrow the journey map tool from marketers. The journey of nay employee can be divided into ten stages. Those stages are – sourcing and recruiting, pre-boarding, orientation, compensation, learning and development, engagement and community involvement, recognition, review, advancement and retirement or resignation. At each stage there are different needs that employees have and special protection needs to be given at the transition phases, lest they get ‘lost’.



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