It is often wrongly thought that failures in the execution of the corporate strategy have happened because of the inherent flaws in the plan itself. Yet studies have confirmed that it is usually the people concerned who are responsible. In a lot of industries that are constantly changing such as publishing, the execution is of utmost importance. People heading haywire need to be directed to make sure their efforts reach the desired objectives. The Big Arrow strategy can be applied where a product roadmap was created assisted by entire leadership team. Some questions need to be pondered at this stage. They include matters such as whether the strategy applied lead to fulfilling of overall company mission, will the execution be smoother, whether the priorities will be met and whether team members are genuinely passionate about the same. The people who have the highest impact and are most influential must be tracked to get involved at this stage. Also tasks must be allocated for all the team members as appropriate to each of them. The pivotal strength of each teammate must then get assessed along with the key contribution they have made and what kind of game changing interventions they may potentially influence in the future. After this specific management training coaching sessions must be held of thirty minutes’ duration each. Once the execution is completed, data must be collected before individual performances are evaluated. The results must be amplified to record the best practices achieved. The data need not be stored in-house but can even be shared for others’ requirements.



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