As per reliable estimates, marketers in the US spent around sixty billion US dollars in the year 2016 on digital based ads. Also quintillion quantities of bytes are captures each day in the form of data. In spite of such staggering numbers, advertisers are struggling to pinpoint digital marketing campaigns for individual personas. The next phase is to have ads only pertinent to individuals so moving away from the mass campaigns. Twitter for that very purpose has developed Brand Hub. It is a business analytics tool which allows brands to monitor conversations on them on the digital landscape. Besides such tools, there are some other methods that brands can adopt. One of them is to tap into social networks. Account Based Marketing (ABM) software can also be tried to land contracts. A digital company recently had a three hundred percent rise in page views and pipeline growth by twenty two percent since adopting ABM. Instead of individual queries the bigger picture must be considered as Amazon does with product targeting that are always complementary rather than identical. Even Spotify has now inculcated this ability at personalizing ads as per target audience. With the rise in smartphone ownership geo-targeting can also be adopted. Here IP addresses must be tracked. Large conferences are ideal ventures to tap and target ads as people with similar interests would be present at one location.


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