With the economy improving, career mobility is also increasing across the US. Millennials already make up nearly half the workforce and this generation has an average span of less than two years at any particular job. To add to this, factors such as the rise of the gig economy and entrepreneurship, talent is receding. That is why, more than recruitment, it is talent management and retention that is of utmost importance. A study anchored by LinkedIn titled as “Global Recruiting Trends”, cites that nearly three-fifths of companies are putting greater funds into enhancing the employer brand. Yet less than a third of those polled confirm that their organization perceives employee retention as top priority. This is also partly precipitated by the unwritten rivalries between HR and recruitment evident at several firms. A lot of employees consider switching jobs as the only way to vertically rise up in their jobs. This can be rectified by improved management training provided at the job itself. In 2017, retention of talent has got to take up utmost importance for organizations.



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