Emotional intelligence is increasingly becoming as important if not more than Intelligence Quotient (IQ). The former’s skills can broadly be divided into three categories- adaptability, collegiality and empathy. The lack of such soft skills is often the stumbling block behind otherwise extremely capable professionals failing to secure promotions. Cognitive skills and work ethics are easier to measure, but not soft skills. Professional service firms such as banks and those dealing with law, accounting or management consulting are notoriously poor at screening candidates on such norms. They conduct the recruitment based on tangible scores such as grades or experience. The careers of most professionals can broadly be divided into two halves. At the first stage, the new recruit goes through a transition from academics to work. Now instead of the teacher having all the answers the boss expects the professional to find out the answers and deliver. At the second phase they need to try and bring business for the firm rather than trying to keep the boss happy. A lot of people fail to juggle through such expectations on diverse projects, getting funding or seeking mentors.



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