A lot of HR and recruitment experts expect 2017 to be the year of regulations. Several new regulations of compliances have already come out in various fields such as paid sick leaves, employee injury or accident, retirement savings and safety procedures against chemical exposure. New standards have also come out for corporate training systems. Training managers are now taking due steps to ensure that compliance measures reach out to all key stakeholders. A survey conducted on professionals by XpertHR has deciphered top five concerns for such compliance challenges. These include election uncertainties, leave issues, workforce strategizing, cyber security threats and employee benefits. A training expert has highlighted a few ways to improvise present corporate learning modules. One of them is to shift part of the module to social media and mobile devices but to have strong policies for them. Employee handbooks need to be updated to include the new National Labor Relations Act. Diversity at the workspace needs to be formally protected. A few more unconventional methods have also emerged such as learning modules to be segmented. The content delivery methodology must embrace creative methods. The steps in the training path ought to be reduced. A system of automated notices and reminders must be put in place. And finally compliance training has to be included as a component within career advancement.



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