The term agile marketing is trending in business circles these days, yet its real meaning is understood by few. It is a series of marketing steps involving constant improvisations rather than a set strategy, data testing rather than gut feeling, small experiments over major investments and organization or industry wide collaboration as opposed to work in silos. The concept is borrowed from software development and looks to provide speed, transparency and continuity within the marketing task. Digital marketing is fuelling this change thanks to social media, real time iteration and millennial tastes. Even a Scaled Agile Framework (SAF) has been developed by a team from Capital One. It has highlighted few key points towards implementation of agile concepts.  The benefits that accrue from agile implementation are well worth the resistance shown by some members. Several new challenges are created, but long term benefits stack up. The execution process also needs some critical amendments as that part is most crucial. The delivery of value for all stakeholders, empathy with the consumer and increased collaboration must be seen as tenets within the process.



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