Employees in a lot of organizations seem to be busy all the time, unnecessarily harried. Orders seem to be pending, customer relationships to be mended, presentations redone or numbers explained. On closer scrutiny, it appears that this is because of previous mistakes which force the present team to engage in constant troubleshooting. Business research conducted by the Juran Institute has estimated that up to nearly a fifth of manufacturing companies’ revenues are lost to rework, while the figure shoots up to about a third of the revenues for those involved in services. W. Edwards Deming who gave fourteen points for management is considered as the father of quality. Some of his philosophies are still pertinent to rectify this cultural gap. First of all, organization wide a common purpose must be adopted towards which all the employees may work towards. The dependence on supervisions must be reduced in such a way that employees are self-motivated to excel at their jobs. A system of leadership must be put in place where the team leaders look towards achieving the corporate strategy rather than quick fixes for individual departments. Finally the culture of fear must be eliminated as its presence encourages unethical practices.



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