It is well known that employee engagement is one of the key differentiators to drive improved customer experience and business results. A study conducted by Gallup states that organizations whose employees are highly engaged display a third less of absenteeism, about two-fifths fewer quality complaints, about half the safety accidents, lower staff turnover rate and improved customer ratings, productivity and thus profitability. The same research also claims that the major reason for the difference in the level of such engagement is the talent management abilities of the organizations. Thus it is suggested that greater investment must be made on the corporate training for the front-line managers. These managers receive only a third of the training that emerging leaders do and an abysmal fifth of top management. This is possibly due to their higher numbers implying an exponential increase in costs. A method can be borrowed or adopted by Semco where team leaders’ bonuses and benefits are dependent on their ratings received from team members. In this way, in every organization, team leaders must pose certain questions to their colleagues, on the basis of which their compensation will be somewhat tied to. These questions are what good did he/she do during the week, what wasn’t done quite so well and where there is a scope for improvement. Any organization that encourages openness and transparency in communication will be able to reap the benefits of such an approach.



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