Some steps have been identified in order to develop a leadership pipeline in any organization. This is all the more pertinent now as Baby Boomers are retiring in large numbers and their positions now vacated need to be filled up. The wisdom of the years is being lost along with repositories of hard won knowledge. Thus as a first step, a culture of management training must be instituted to develop leadership at every level of the organization. This training has to go beyond knowledge acquisition or skills development, but has to be a holistic effort. The doers will now become managers as focus will shift from the team leader’s performance to how he/she can impart knowledge to the rest of the members. Instead of fault finding, greater opportunities need to be accorded. No longer will individualism hidden behind silos, survive at leadership positions. Instead collaboration needs to be facilitated. The leader must create such conditions where others can thrive. Metrics to measure individual performances need to veer towards developing satisfaction at work so that multiple stakeholders must derive value. There are three maxims that every leader must follow. A leader empowers others, free us team members to develop their initiatives and serves multiple stakeholder groups. Finally there are some questions the leadership training needs to address. These are- the corporate strategy behind the planning and where it is leading to, individual responsibilities, personal evaluation, end learning and in case of shortcomings how to rectify them.



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