Some brave predictions have been made for this year in trends for customer engagement. An alarming forecast is that with customers’ attention span at all time low, only listicles will engage them. Bots will be increasingly powerful as evidenced by the surge in volumes of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp data. Eerily similar to the film Her, human beings might have realistic conversations with digital assistants. Brands are optimizing their systems to gauge significant business intelligence from the huge quantities of data now available in the digital age.  Such data will further influence the use of specific behavior inducing algorithms. Pokémon Go highlighted the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) which is here to stay. Its related field of Virtual Reality (VR) though is not living up to the hype. Brands are also debating ways to streamline their communication in the best possible way to reach the final consumer. In this way brands are acclimatizing themselves to the transformations warned off by noted business writer Byron Sharp.



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