Due to the massive hype regarding Big Data, companies are scrambling to capturing such data and making use of them. So that it moves on from mere hype to actually rendering results, some strategies have been worked out. First of all, the data bottleneck has to be eased out. A typical problem is that companies employ small teams to crunch massive quantities of data. However, by the time, they have finished their business analytics operations, the resulting analysis is of little value as the data is now quite old and new events have since taken place. To fight this conundrum, companies must create a sense of data urgency among everyone, so all can chip in. There are several software available to aid this process. Also, marketers must explore newer questions and not just use the analysis to get answers to existing questions. The entire organization must collaborate so that the final analysis is worthwhile to all. Collaboration is much easier now thanks to platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams or Facebook’s Workplace.



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