The kind of employee engagement persisting in any organization largely depends on how the senior management prompts the same. Engagement can broadly be classified into four levels- disengagement, compliance, contribution and commitment. Constant team changes, downsizing, termination of projects or closure of stores is a terrible approach towards talent management and renders employees as disengaged. For some kinds of organizations like the US Navy, a command and control set-up is preferred. Here the management seeks to instill compliance as the entire communication is top-down instructional. Another set of organizations prefer a communication stream that encourages contribution and initiatives. The corporate communication maxim in this form can be categorized under five stages which are – Tell, Sell, Test, Consult and Co-create. Another level of companies altogether want their employees to give complete commitment. At such places, people are hyper committed. They will not execute any task just because they’ve been told to, but will do only if they feel some connect to the values. The communication with such employees will need to be less transactional in nature, but more emotional.


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