Some trends have been identified which have started to an extent but will eventually create massive disruptions to the learning and development industry. Learning marketplaces such as Pathgather, Degreed and Edcast have now sprung up. Many of these are aided by corporate universities, investing to aid in the process of management training. Payments are now being charged for entry into platforms but not for content creation. The development tools and resources are proving thus to be the differentiators. As Chief Learning Officers (CLOs) are being questioned on the returns per investment, the new maxim of pay-per-session is being followed. Like several other streams, notably marketing, the learning industry is also making use of algorithms to drive efficiency in trainings. The effectiveness of any learning intervention can now be deeply analyzed using such precise data available. A lot of content curation and development work is now being done by tools leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI). IBM’s Watson for example has made major inroads in developing content based on trends captured.


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