A new concept has been termed known as super- consumers. This theory was first set in motion by a senior member of the Cambridge Group, which is the business consulting wing of Nielsen dealing with marketing. These are a set of consumers for whom a certain brand provides a solution to a wide range of work, without which their work will lose meaning. An example of a mid level employee can be cited building due buyer persona profile. Through such hypothetical super-consumer profiling, the company can also learn about its future growth prospects. The challenge will be to bring the product out of its limited super-geo zone. Certain products successfully penetrate that zone as American Girl has done. It is perceived positively by both school level girls as well as their parents, for different reasons though. The next level includes potential super-consumers who might be equally interested in the product but aren’t yet aware of all its virtues. Two other groups- autopilots and uninvolved consumers- are more difficult to penetrate. Autopilots are those who are regular buyers, but do not possess any great loyalty to it. The uninvolved consumers on the other hand are those who are simply not interested yet.


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