A survey conducted by a Professor from the Harvard Business School discovered that most professionals upwards of age forty were able to name mentors in their careers, but very few in their twenties could do likewise. Two decades back, when youngsters joined the professional life, they could rely on their seniors mentoring them. But now due to bottom line pressures and the increasing trend of attrition, means that few organizations have this code of mentorship any more. However, instead of giving up on this ideal, it is necessary to widen the search pool. Gone is the ear where mentors had to be older or holistically wiser. They may be younger, even by decades as witnessed in some cases and may simply be better at one particular aspect. Thus professionals must create their own network of mentors from various aspects of their own professional career. Some important questions need to be addressed while doing this search. First of all, the candidate must understand what he/she is looking to learn, whether formal skills through management training or simply life aspects. Also, who are the kind of people most respected by the subject. In addition, one must find ways to spend more amount of time specifically with these people so admired. And finally, ways must be discovered to ensure that this learning relationship is reciprocal.



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