It is telling that usually the words beautiful and ad-free are paired together for websites. Ad blocking sites are also increasing in number and intensity leading to overall click-through rates being abysmally low across all frontiers. Some predict that online advertising could disappear altogether while another segment feels that digital marketing content must be specifically be targeted at providing authentic experiences to millennials. Both are off the mark in one way or the other. Attention span of readers I at an all time low and digital natives demand constant quality content ripe for skimming. Thus native advertising’s second edition is primed to take off as the solution. Earlier, native advertising simply meant any site or app having its own ad platform. Now it will be relevant for the users. The likes of Amazon’s Alexa and Spotify have already started some such micro-targeting taking advantage of the heaps of data now available. This is in stark contrast to traditional disruptive experiences provided by Google’s search suggestions or Facebook’s sponsored links.



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