According to a recent survey, more than seventy percent of adult Americans now own smart phones, and about three-fifths consume digital content on via mobile apps. Thus the mobile phones have emerged as one of the cornerstones in executing digital marketing campaigns. Three steps must be adopted by all marketers in order to emerge as winners this year in this field. First of all, marketing automation tools must be leveraged. Chatbots must be used and data stored in order to gain effective business intelligence. Such automation can lead to customers being led through the right marketing funnel. This data captured, must also be used to generate predictive analytics. While written content still remains effective and relevant, blogging has been dethroned from its perch by video content or images. This has led to gains made by digital assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Amazon Alexa.  Every website must be optimized for seamless usage on smart phones.



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