A study conducted by Wefl has observed that shoppers who use retail apps, tend to spend more time at physical stores as well. Mobile phones present massive digital marketing opportunities to marketers if used effectively. Thus few methods have been outlined which will improve the overall mobile experience for the customer. A “store mode” must be built in to the app just as Target has created. People these days value time so apps that replace mundane manual chores using digital solutions are well appreciated by them as has been with Walgreens’s latest intervention. Walgreens has also created the Pharmacy Chat option that allows direct communication between the customer and the pharmacist. Others must replicate such in-app messaging. The check-out process must be aligned with overall customer-centricity goals as Amazon and Kohl’s have executed so well. investment must be made in to an in-app search. This will enable mobile browsers to quickly select the retailer most relevant to requirements.



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