Domino’s is today the second largest pizza franchise in the USA only behind Pizza Hut. It operates in more than eighty countries and its constant search to be relevant for customers has been its hallmark of success. A key insight to this trend is how the brand rectified itself post the global recession. They started completely afresh dumping its previous not-so-relevant product lines so people loved the ingenuity of getting over the slump times. One can now order online Domino’s Pizza using emojis. In fact they may be ordered using any device or platform available such as Apple Watch or TV. Domino’s does not see itself anymore as part of the pizza business alone but the entire online experience. The older format of ordering over the phone has now slid to less than half and constantly reducing further, so digital marketing becomes the main method of reaching out to the customer. In order to create the ultimate pizza, Domino’s engaged its customer base by asking them their opinions on preparation styles and ingredients.



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