A study conducted by Forrester Research found out that last year, just over a third of enterprises are using some form of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but that number is expected to grow to over three-fifths of the market by the year 2018. Some of the AI powered technologies have been identified that are currently trending and have the potential to transform the market. One is Natural Language Generation that produces text using computer data so used in customer service and abstracting business intelligence reports. Then there is speech recognition of human voice and dialect whose main vendors are NICE, Nuance and Open Text. Virtual agents are assistants that can network with human beings. Tech leaders such as Apple, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft are presently engaged in this. Then there are Machine Learning platforms such as SAS and Sky tree. There is even hardware that is run using AI. Deep Learning Platforms can be used to crunch business analytics from the vast data that gets stored. It helps in pattern recognition using applications from Fluid AI, Ersatz Labs, Peltarion and others of the ilk. Biometrics have long been in existence but now have wider uses than speech, body language or touch recognition. Robots are also being used to process human functions that are of repetitive nature. There is Natural Language Processing (NLP) that uses machine learning principles through statistical analysis to detect fraud, empower automated assistants and data mining.



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