Increasingly organizations are targeting a more diverse workplace as it fosters creativity and also allows them to align with the Employee Non-Discrimination Act. Some strategies have been noted, following which companies can rectify their non-diverse workplaces. First of all, for new recruits small teams must be set so that it is easier for them to integrate within the larger organization. Then mentorship must be incorporated to ensure talent management and retention while striving to meet their career objectives. Corporate training programmes must involve learning and development so that relationships many be forged along with skill upgradation. Off-work activities must also be scheduled. Employees must be involved in recruitment as well. Communication patterns must be streamlined is such a way that there is no generation-level discrimination. The company policies must also be drafted in such a way that they are in sync with national or international laws. Annual important events must be celebrated communally. Proper decorum must also be established on ways to address differently-abled or transgendered employees. Beyond that the entire functioning must be set in such a way that physical disabilities do not create any hindrance to career growth.


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