Customer-centric marketing is a term in vogue within business cycles these days, yet it is followed in the right manner by few. While to some extent marketing was always tailored to the customers, it is now focused on the individual, eliminating the concept of average buyer. It assumes all buyers are different. Earlier, products were mass-produced keeping in mind a particular segment. This meant that many who did not fit into a typical mold were left out. This is now changing as it’s possible to tailor the product for individual users. Five ways have been identified to deliver the perfect customer-centric marketing. First of all the role of sales has to be modified to align more with marketing. Up selling has to be replaced by what customers genuinely require. A simple philosophy of the company has to be woven into the corporate strategy that must be followed throughout the organization. Content is a critical component of marketing and this needs to be personalized. Enormous amounts of data warehousing is now possible and ought to be leveraged to identify customer segment as well as individual insights. Techniques of automation need to be incorporated into the business operations. Since it’s a relatively new concept, flaws will emerge, which must be eradicated and applied again. As the latest S&P Index has shown, the companies that take up customer-centric marketing are the ones really doing well.



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