Though a college education is usually coveted as the right of passage towards a stable, good job, there are those who have done that extra bit to be leaders in their respective fields. This includes Steve Jobs who simply dropped out of Reed College in Portland, took up calligraphy classes and did odd gigs long before launching his famous business innovations. Marissa Mayer was a fresh graduate when she became a young fledgling company, Google’s twentieth employee. Dwayne Johnson wanted to be a professional sportsman but the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League dropped him after just two months. Before joining Yale, Hillary Clinton did odd jobs in Alaska including in a salmon-processing factory. Sean John Combs took up the task of talent recruitment for Uptown Records. Sheryl Sandberg took up the more conventional route of sticking it out with the World Bank. Martha Stewart took up modeling till the age of twenty five. Larry Ellison also dropped out, but from two colleges but learnt programming on his own. Jeff Bezos had numerous lucrative offers at Wall Street, one of which he took. Oprah Winfrey’s television career began straight after college as a news anchor in Baltimore. John Peretti became a teacher at a school in New Orleans. Actress Tina Fey did odd gigs while continuing her education. She would come across Amy Poehler who was at a similar stage in her career. Angela Merkel worked as a researcher at the Berlin based German Academy of Sciences.


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