Companies that do not emotionally engage with their employees are on the oath to loss in productivity as engaged employees produce far more than disengaged ones. Employees whose only emotional connection is dreading about their job security will never be able to implement or foster innovations. A study conducted by the Harvard Business Review reveals that a staggering ninety five percent of employees do not understand the relation between their work and the overall corporate strategy to be achieved. Another research by Glassdoor meanwhile suggests that majority of younger recruits prefer to work for places with good employment reputations rather than those with simply good products emanating out. The best company culture is one that values employees as team members and allots them the conditions necessary to thrive. In order to emotionally connect with employees, a strong corporate communications plan must be in place. Live events or conferences tend to cascade positive feedback by the employees about the company. If the attendees get experiential coverage, chances are high that some of them will turn product advocates.


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