A lot of companies have tried ways to fix employee engagement, yet few have emerged as winners. This is primarily because of the toxicity that many employee engagement surveys have come to be associated with. Instead of anything constructive, such surveys have added to the fear mongering among employees. Those employees who express legitimate concerns are being identified to be driven out. They are being labeled with terms such as “cynics”, “saboteurs”, “brats”, “drifters”, “prisoners”, “honeymooners” and the like. To rectify this an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) must be adopted. EVP replaces the word customer with employee from the marketing team’s terminology. Here, the onus on engagement falls on the company and not the employees. The surveys conducted are with greater purpose. Unlike other mass-oriented surveys, the EVP is targeted just as marketers would based on segment. EVP has been hailed as a masterstroke for talent management as it designs the survey and then analyses keeping in mind the requirements of future and past employees. It adopts a more holistic view as proven via the study conducted by BI Worldwide which clearly showed that EVP enables employees to be happy and not just engaged.


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