The role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) has expanded greatly. Marketing research firm Gartner confirms that an average of 3.2% of every organization’s total budget is allocated to marketing technology. This is only 0.2% less than that allocated to the Chief Information Officer’s (CIO) tech budget. Thus sales, customer experience and IT are all interconnected with the CMO’s routines. This arrangement is rather informal but growing as IT’s work is no longer just providing the right physical support for the business, but indeed as a market differentiator. However, the changes will be gradual as, even now rarely do these departments report directly to the CMO. For example, IT is complex so would be a distraction towards marketing activities. Even within customer experience, it is mapping of the various touch-points that has become the primary goal of the CMO. Increasingly, the CMO is responsible for the marketing tech purchase decisions and not longer just a figurehead for the brand. Technology is being used to identify, convert and retain customers. The same Gartner research also pointed out that CMOs who took responsibilities on the revenue side, were inevitably granted higher budgets.


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