Some predictions have been outlined on how the latest innovations will impact the business world and its culture this year. First of all, companies will disrupt their own products as they know that if they do not, a competitor will. Due to the breakneck speed of change, companies will want to develop revolutionary solutions rather than incremental ones. Some of the smartest companies will realize that innovation can stem from anywhere. The work culture of Silicon Valley based startups will be adopted by large organizations as well. The most successful of the latter however will fuse the best of these two worlds. Executive coaching and mentorship programmes will form an integral part of corporate training rather than conventional management maxims. In order to induce innovation, companies will bring together diverse cross-functional teams. Companies will increasingly leverage the potential of the self-driven internal entrepreneur. Business innovation will no longer be the domain of a few selected, but a constant process involve a specific innovation and will be fostered through collaboration. Such innovation will also combine efforts from internal teams and external consultants.


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