Some of the IT industry leaders have converged to address their major talent gaps for the current year. First of all, ruthless competition is expected in talent recruitment for professionals who can work well with mobile technologies. Cyber security is another area for whose experts companies will battle it out this year. There is a demand for professionals who have a tech background but have sound business understanding. Such business and soft skills will eventually impact the company’s bottom line. That is why recruiters are on the search for more holistic and well-rounded resumes. The best of talent can even enable companies to digitize various operations. While Cloud technology has been much addressed, there still remains massive potential to expand operations on the same. There are some skills where gaps are still bound to arise in spite of the bets of efforts. For example an IT administrator will not be able to double up for a software engineer. Due to constant technology changes, corporate training will attain even greater importance than ever before as employees will continuously be needed to upgrade their skills. The CIO will also need a specific skill set to differentiate from the other employees as his/her role will now expand to beyond simply utilizing own team.


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